00090 & Cache not showing in Service Editor Window.

Discussion created by KNelsonPL on Mar 20, 2013
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I was trying to replace a cached basemap for ArcGIS for Server 10.1. I deleted the old basemap in ArcGIS Server Manager and intended to copy the data to the server when I published the new basemap. All the cache options in the service editor where locked to what the old basemap used and I could not change them, even though I wanted to. I assumed some data had not deleted fully so one of the IT people suggested he could rebuild the entire system from scratch to see if that fixes it. (by suggested I mean he did it really quick and then asked me does it work now.)

Now when I try to publish a dynamic or cached basemap service definition file I get a 00090 error message. I???ve never gotten this message before and am not sure why it???s appearing since I just want to copy the data to the server

I???m also getting Codes 24034 and 24033 which I???ve never gotten before. I???m not really concerned with those since I don???t want the users of the service to be able to edit the layers anyway.

Also the Cache option no longer appears in the service editor window. 

I know I haven???t given a lot to go on but do you have any suggestions on what might be causing this or how to fix it? I'm at a complete loss here.