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Help with Data Driven Page Labeling (Annotation)

Question asked by ClayT101 on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by MSummers-esristaff
I am brand new with DDP, and I just took an introductory course on python 2 weeks ago, so please go easy on me lol.

I would think that this question has been asked before, but I searched to no avail.

Anyhow, I want to be able to label items in selected regions, but not have the labels (or the items themselves) show up in adjacent regions.  In this case, I am labeling schools in individual zipcodes in a city.  If I allow for labels of schools in other adjacent zipcodes to show up, it gets way to crowded.  Through trial and error, the labels are have now been converted to annotation in a database, grouped by zipcode.

I have partially solved the problem by:

using the clip options on the data frame----clip to current data driven page extent

This works great if all of the labels can fit inside the the zip code.  However, if it gets too crowded inside the polygon for all the labels, the labels that are placed outside of the polygon get clipped.

I know that if I can exclude layers from the clip options; however, if I do that for the labels layers, they will show up again for every zip code, not just the one that I am working on.....unless I manually tell it to only exclude the labels for the zip code in which DDP map is being made.  This means that I will have to do that for every zip code, and then, there is really no automation any longer.

One possible solution that I have thought of is to make a new layer with "larger" zip codes.  These areas would be extended out slightly form the actual zip code, and could be used for the clipping area.

In brief, I think my question is: Is there a way to use DDP to show the labels of points inside of a polygon1, with the actual labels extending outside of polygon1.  Then using DDP to show the labels inside of polygon2, with the actual labels extending outside of polygon2 and so on?  Does that make sense?  I have attached a sample of the map that I am working on.  It is one of many DDP maps.