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Editing Python Toolbox with Pyscripter: odd behavior

Question asked by philmorefield on Mar 4, 2013
I use Pyscripter a lot and I've adjusted the colors to a low-contrast scheme (see first page of PDF). But when I right-click a Python Toolbox (*.pyt) and try to edit, the script comes up as white (see second page of PDF) and is 100% immutable. No matter what settings I mess with, I'm forced to edit the file with a white background.

Even more concerning, Pyscripter doesn't seem to recognize it as a script. There's no autoindentation or introspection, though I can add new text. I've got Pyscripter set as the editor in ArcGIS, and I've told Windows to open the *.pyt extention with Pyscripter.

Am I missing something completely obvious?

ArcGIS 10.1 SP1
Windows XP 32-bit

EDIT: Found the solution. Go to Tools-->Options-->IDE Options and add '*.pyt' to the "Open Dialog Cython filter", "File Explorer filter", and "Open Dialog Python filter".