Certificate for secure map service connection untrusted

Discussion created by stsnider on Jan 22, 2013
ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP 1
Windows 64-bit OS:  Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1

I set up SSL and https on my arcgis server (NDEP-25), and it seemed to be working.  I can go to this internal website (https://ndep-25/arcgis/rest/services), but get the browser error �??There is a problem with this website�??s security certificate.�?�  When I click �??Continue to this website (not recommended)�?�, I can connect fine.  I thought this was acceptable until I tried to make a secure connection in ArcCatalog to the map services on NDEP-25.  I'm getting errors that the certificate is untrusted.  See attached screenshots of errors. 

I tried to install the certificate by �??Automatically selecting the certificate store based on the type of certificate�?�.  It says the import was successful, but I still get errors about the certificate not being trusted.  I�??m currently using a self-signed certificate generated from ArcGIS Server.  The Web Adaptor works.  I successfully completed the instructions at

If I click Yes to proceed on both warning windows, I can connect to the map services.  However, this is not a good practice.  We need these map services to be truly secure.

Any suggestions Network Gurus!?!