Calcuating nearest point to a given point.

Discussion created by nqazi on Dec 7, 2012
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[ATTACH=CONFIG]19790[/ATTACH]I am new in Geo Analysis. Please refer to attach image to understand my problem . I have two layers as shown in table of the content in the map attached. The one named as sewered areas has following fields :
FID,Shape,County,Name,AreaRef,AreaHect,Source,Audit Name,Audit Date,comment.
The one that is named as tank has following fields.

the third layer called roads has following fields

I already have done it by drawing a single line between the point in sewered area and septic tank and measure the length of that line to give me the distance. however What I want is that when I click any where in my sewered areas layer i want to determine the distance between this point and all the tanks in for example 1 km radius. and i also want to check whether this tank is on the road or  not.
Any suggestion or direction to start the work?