Downloadable Data links in Geoportal

Discussion created by JacobCoble on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by mhogeweg-esristaff
I have some metadata that I want to have links for Downloadable Data. I want to do similar to the attached screenshot of Raleigh's Geoportal. You see there are links for downloading DXF, Shapefile, Layer Package and KML. When I try that, I only get links that say Open, Details, and Metadata. So I need to have links for DXF, Shapefile, etc. so people can download the data. I even took a copy of a metadata file from Raleigh's Geoportal and changed the links to work on my server, and all I get are the Open, Details, and Metadata links -- no links to download the data even though they are in the metadata and I am sure it is coded correctly!

Evidently, there is more to getting the downloadable data links to work besides what is in the metadata itself. Just what in the application has to be configured to allow for downloading of data? Yes, I have a directory with downloadable files and it seems to be coded correctly in the metadata but the links just do not show up in the Geoportal. Could someone please humor me with the correct chant, incantation, spell or whatever to make this work?