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Polygon to Raster misses data

Question asked by amilt on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by amilt
I am writing a script that converts features to a binary raster based on presence/absence in a cell.

In practice, when converting polylines to raster using "Polyline to Raster (conversion)", any cell through which a line passes is counted as data in the output raster. However, (and here is my problem), when converting polygons to raster using "Polygon to Raster (conversion)", only cells whose center is overlapped by the polygon are counted as data in the output.

My problem is that I want the polyline to raster functionality when executing polygon to raster, i.e. I want any cell for which the polygon overlaps at all to be turned into data in the output. Is there a way to do this?

To illustrate the problem: [ATTACH=CONFIG]19440[/ATTACH]

Notice that the sliver that sticks down in the original polygon is missing in the polygon to raster, but is present in the polyline to raster (bottom row). What I would like is to have the output in the bottom-right, but for the values inside the raster border to have the same value as the border.

Edit: I know that you can change the polygon to raster behavior to use "maximum area", but this still registers NoData if the cell area covered is <50%. My example illustrates how polygon to raster still fails.