New to API Java - Print Templates with ESRI.REQUEST - EXPORT WEB MAP

Discussion created by mike.robb on Nov 7, 2012
the ideal example, is not workable as its used through Proxy server... so much for 'sample'.


Unable to have the dropdown go through the Template options within the created Geoprocessing Service? 

Also, all documents throughout ESRI help state, the Widget handles the JSON... so how does one use the widget? seems to be an illusive item.

okay, next...So I tried to:
write the JSON through the Export Web Map >> Execute.

So what do we write in here? 


Where and at what point does one pass the Text element names and their corresponding values to the customized mxd (template) being used for the printing?

Any help would be severely appreciated, thanks

Final goal
to be able to print a PDF from several choices of custom templates, containing several text elements. Also allowing graphics drawn by user to be included to the map service.