Add XY Data

Discussion created by jpaar on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by abel.dean
I'm new to ARCMap 10.1. I had the first training overview class, but am just getting my feet wet in editing.

I am taking some coordinates in an Excel file (or CSV) and attempting to pull them into a layer so I can see the points on my basemap. I create my layer, when I click File > Add Data > Add XY Data and then point to either my Excel or CSV file (containing the same structure), the X field and Y field in the "Add XY Data" dialog will not allow me to select my Lat/Long fields, which are in decimal format. It did allow this once, but then mapped the incorrect fields to the X/Y coordinates on my map, placing my coordinates across the entire world instead of in the tiny area in TN (please see attachment). I've looked for help on "Add XY Data" and it is there, but my system isn't following the rules.

What's the trick for adding the data? Ordering or naming the columns appropriately? Removing all but the data I want to have in my source?  Please advise me what to do - I'm stuck.