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Customizing the time slider in ArcGIS Java Script API 3.1

Question asked by sunilpalkar on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by sunilpalkar
Hello All,

I want to customize the time slider. Currently I am using "esriTimeUnitsMonths" in which I am getting only months not the year (Please check the screenshot [ATTACH=CONFIG]18970[/ATTACH])

I want to put month name +year ex. Jan 09 Feb 09 like that..

I researched on Google but I am not able find suitable information. Some one told me that create the array but we can use array on time slider.

Any help will be great..thanks in advance : )

Software : ArcGIS Server 10.1 & ArcGIS Java Script API 3.1

var timeExtent = new esri.TimeExtent();         timeExtent.startTime = new Date("1/1/2009 UTC");         timeExtent.endTime = new Date("12/31/2011 UTC");         timeSlider.setLoop(true);         timeSlider.setThumbCount(2);         //timeSlider.setTickCount(,timeExtent.endTime,"Months"));         // original timeSlider.createTimeStopsByTimeInterval(timeExtent,1,'esriTimeUnitsMonths');         timeSlider.createTimeStopsByTimeInterval(timeExtent,1,'esriTimeUnitsMonths');         //timeSlider.createTimeStopsByTimeInterval(timeExtent,1,'esriTimeUnitsYears');         timeSlider.setThumbIndexes([0,1]);        // timeSlider.timeStops(3);         timeSlider.setThumbMovingRate(1000);         timeSlider.startup();