Adding New Routes and Updating Measures

Discussion created by Bahny on Oct 29, 2012
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I have an array of routes representing haul roads leading to a central location, the crusher (looks like a messy spider web). The crusher location is the only point where the m-value = 0 from there the m-value accumulates outward along each route. Twice a year new haulroads are added and I have to individually update the measures using route measure editing. The measures of each new haul road begin with the value taken from the point of intersection with existing haulroads.
Can this be automated somehow either with existing arctools or using Python. I have tried all existing tools but nothing works. I have managed to create points representing the start of each route and then used locate points along route whiched resulted in a point fc that had an m-value. I then used calibrate routes with points (a single point for each route) and selected the extrapolate option hoping it would calculate the m-values along each route but no luck.