Print Widget failing to print vector base maps in 24*36 layout sizes

08-01-2019 09:06 AM
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We have a custom print widget which was developed using Export Web Map task and shared as a geoprocessing service to the server from ArcMap. This print widget is customized to have only 11*8.5 and 24*36 layout sizes. The base maps are printed fine with the 11*8.5 size, but when I use 24*36 layout it is completely messed and it misses tiles around the map. I saw a thread explaining that ESRI Dev team is working on this issue (way back in 2017). Are there any new updates or fixes for this so that we can print the vector base maps  that were recently added to base map gallery widget without missing tiles.

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If we are using Vector base maps, we have to make sure that we publish the services only through ArcGIS Pro.

Arc Map is not supporting vector basemaps.