Local Layer widget not displaying selected layers in Layer List panel/Legend panel

01-16-2019 10:48 AM
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I am trying to develop an application and want to use the custom Local Layer Widget instead of the Layer List widget available in the app. Following the steps from the link in GitHub and by Rebecca Strauch, I think I was able to add the LocalLayer widget to my WAB 2.9 environment (first image) and was able to successfully add rest services as Feature Layer and Dynamic Layer.  The problem is that the selected layers are not displayed in the layer list panel and Legend panel (second image) but they are displayed in the map when the Local Layer icon is clicked. I went through several posts related to Local Layer Widget, but could not find anything specifically related to this issue. I am not sure if I have to tweak the code in any other file for displaying selected layer in the layer list/legend panel or if I am doing anything wrong when adding the widget. Any help will be highly appreciated. 

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