Is there any way to show dynamic layer on the top of feature layer in locallayer widget, WAB.

08-09-2016 12:40 AM
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We have a dynamic layer which we want to show on the top of feature layers in local layer widget. It is appearing behind the feature layers covering dynamic layer. Dynamic layer has customised symbols which are not appearing if added as feature layer.

Any help.

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Hi Shazia,

You can do that within your "Web Appbuilder Developer Version" by doing a "Move Up" of the "Dynamic Layer" and saving it then launch to see that it works before downloading the app....That is what I did when I was faced with same


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Hi Baba

Dynamic service displays at the bottom irrespective of the order in local layer widget. Also 'move up' is greyed out for dynamic layers in layers list after launching.

Anyway thanks for your reply.


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   In the JS Api all graphics layers and feature layers are always drawn on top of all other layers in the map. This is not something that can be changed as it is an internal api limitation