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03-23-2020 12:14 AM
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Hey Robert,

I have used your eSearch widget 2.13 and customized few things as per my requirement. 

I have disbaled all tabs except result tab as the widget data is getting filled from other application and we dont have to query anything in search tabs. I have configured the slayer and exprnum.

From other application it is called from the querystring. for example

As the default behavior of the widget is OpenAtStart. When there is no query send from other application then in GIS application the widget is opened and the result will be blank. Can we open the widget only when there is data or else close it.

Please comment can we achieve this.

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I have fixed this by adding the code in startup and it worked perfectly as i wanted.

if (window.sessionStorage.getItem('urlparam') == null) {

    PanelManager.getInstance().closePanel( + '_panel');