CompositeCoordinate Widget V1.8

01-12-2018 08:46 PM
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CompositeCoordinate Widget V1.8

Version 1.8

  • Bug fix, popup of the current selected map pins coordinates are not correct on first click , should always be the same as shown in the widget panel.

    Version 1.7

    • Adds a new button for poly line with bearing and distance information on popup
    • Bug Fix for IE, some versions of IE do not support Math.trunc Math.trunc() - JavaScript | MDN 

    Live preview site:

    Compsite Coordinate Widget Site

    More about this widget can be found in this blog

    This widget was built in wab dev  2.0.

    Please feel free to modify for later versions of wab dev, or customize or derive new widgets from any widgets or code I post and feel free to re-post for others to use also.

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