Widgets that are labeled

08-31-2021 10:39 AM
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How do I add text or labels to widgets? Are there many ways to do this? 

I need to have widgets that are labeled, explaining what the widget is. EXAMPLE the "Layer" widget needs to have the text "Layers" directly beneath the 'layers' icon. Like the image I included.

FYI: If I change the Widget Icon to the example I have here (The Layers Icon with the text) the resolution is far too low to read the widget.




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If you use a SVG icon for the widget, it will be more readable than a PNG.

Does the widget icon need to have a label always visible, or could you display the widget name when the user hovers the mouse over the icon?

Courtney Menikheim | Application Developer | @thecmenikheim
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Thanks. OK on the SVG, -adobe here I come. I know I saw a pixel Width by Height somewhere in esri docs but failed to find that again. The default in the app has a text display on hover, but I have a wide range of users that refuse to see the 'hover' as a solution'.  Lets face it, I cant expect users to hover over every -low contrast item on the page, and or read the Splash Screen for usage guidance. If it takes 2 seconds, they want it 'easier to use'.

I think knowing more than one solution is good. The other is to get the Java script edited properly and complete the task in esri 'Web Appdeveloper' but I saw folks having trouble with that as well.

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