eSearch Attribute Table freeze up

03-29-2016 01:14 PM
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I'm new to this discussion forum, so please be kind.

When the eSearch widget adds data to the Attribute table the first time it works great, but if you add a layer from the Local Layer Widget and perform another search on the same layer as before the entire web page freezes up and an error of

"Long Running Script" appears in IE. Chrome will continue to run but it to takes a long time to return the results.

It would seem as if there is a timing  issue or the esearch widget does not release the data prior to a new search.

1.) search - (Parcels)

2.) add a layer - (Any Layer)

3.) search again - (Parcels)

4.) "Long running script error"

Thank You


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  I just tested your workflow and did not see any issue.

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Thank You for the fast response, I wish I had your skill set

If you would be so kind, this issue is hard to explain.

Please visit our Java Site at: Mahoning County

When it loads.

1.) Search by shape (Default Parcels)

  300 records set as max

the data will display in the Attribute table perfect

2.) Add an unchecked Layer from the Map Layers List -do nothing else

3.) Search the Parcels again as before in same area.

IE 11 freezes up or Long running script error.

this only occurs if "shareResult": true is set in the config file.

and in IE 11. Chrome will continue to run but may take a very long time.

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  I did some testing following the steps outlined in Chrome and IE and did not see the issue on your site. You do not have the eSearch results for the Properties layer going to the AT widget so I am not sure if the eSearch is a factor at all in your issue.

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I had to disable the AT on Thursday for the public viewer in order for it to work and not lock up.

I’m going to rebuild my site with only the LocaLayer and the eSearch widget involved and back tract where the issue is coming in.

I will let you know what I find.

Thank You.