Calculating acres from Edit Widget pop-up window

04-01-2016 11:45 AM
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I am trying to allow a user to calculate geometry for a predefined field from the Edit widget pop-up window using the ESRI JS geometryEngine. So far I've added a button to the Edit widget pop-up (in place of the close button), and assigning a variable to the selected features. However, Firebug tells me there is an error on this line in the geometryengine.js


                    var CalcAcres=geometryEngine.geodesicArea(SelectedPoly, "acres")

Anyone have an idea on what's going on? My current thinking is that I'm doing to much in the "addButtonToInspector" and need to move the calculation somewhere outside this function

  _addButtonToInspector: function() {

        /*var closeButton = new Button({

          label: esriBundle.common.close,

          "class": " atiButton closeButton"

        }, html.create("div"));



        //Swapping out the CalcAcresButton for the "close" button

        var CalcAcresButton = new Button({

          label: "Calculate Acres",

          "class": " atiButton CalcAcresButton"

        }, html.create("div"));




        this.own(on(CalcAcresButton, 'click', lang.hitch(this, function() {


                //Get Selected polygon

              var SelectedPoly =;

              //Calculate the acreage, store in avariable

              //Either "acres" or 109403

              var CalcAcres=geometryEngine.geodesicArea(SelectedPoly, "acres");

              //setting the value for the "Acres" field for with the calculated value


             //Applying the edits to the featurelayer

             this.featureLayer.applyEdits(null, [featureLayer], null);




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