Storm Drainage Network - Catchment Delineation?

03-28-2014 10:07 AM
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Evening all,

I'm chasing my tail a little with this and I've tried a whole suite of tools now, to no avail.

I'm currently using the PCSWMM model to replicate the surface drainage network for stormwater runoff for a UK town.

To do this accurately, I need to have the subcatchment areas defined based on the topography (DEM). I'm trying to define the catchment areas that contribute to a defined outfall (where the drainage network discharges into the river or surface body (e.g., detention pond).

I've tried ArcSwat, the simple SA toolbox but to no avail. So my question is this:

Can ArcHydro provide me with some easy way to delineate the subcatchments of a surface drainage network, so I know the areas that all contribute to the outfalls of my drainage system? If so, is there a guide out there that my expansive search has somehow overlooked that talks me through it?

Any help greatly appreciated here as both myself and my student haven't found a satisfactory answer thus far.

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