how can I solve ERROR 010151 using Hec-GeoRAS?

07-24-2020 05:37 PM
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Hi everyone,

I am using ArcGIS 10.6 and HEC-GeoRas 10.6. I need to create a GIS project; first I run my steady simulation in HEC RAS, exported all data from HEC-RAS and then exit the program. Next, in ArcGIS  with GeoRAS I convert SDF to XML file, set up my layer, create the new analysis and do a water surface generation, all good without problems. Finally, when I choose: "Floodplain delineation using rasters" I get this error:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException(0x80041098):ERROR 010151: No features found in C:\........\Steady_PF\fdtemp.shp. Possible empty feature class.
at ESRI.ArcGIS.GeoAnalyst.RasterConversionOpClass.RasterDataToPolygonFeatureData(IGeoDataset dataset, IWorkspace pWorkspace, String name, Boolean weeding)
at HECGeoRAS.clsMFloodGRIDIntersection.GridToPolygon1(IRaster pRaster, IGeoDataset pGeoIn, IWorkspace pWS, String sName, Boolean sWeeding)

I can't solve it, can somebody help me please?
Thank you so much!

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Looks like you got your cross sections to come into ArcGIS.  Make a TIN using your cross sections as a contour data type and the water surface elevation field as the elevation source.  Convert the output TIN to a raster with the same cell size as your DEM.  Looks like your DEM might also be a TIN.  If so, convert this to a raster as well.  Use the Minus tool in Spatial Analyst to get the difference, which will also be a raster.  Create a contour using Contour List at an elevation of zero.  This line indicates where the terrain elevation is equal to the water surface elevation.  It also represents the floodplain boundary as a line.  If you connect the endpoints of this line to make a closed polygon, you can then convert it to a floodplain polygon and edit it accordingly.

You can put this into Model Builder to help you automate the process for future iterations.

Hope this helps,

Kurt Baron

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