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HEC-GeoHMS BasinHeader Table missing

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07-27-2012 09:05 AM
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I've been trying to prepare a HEC-GeoHMS model for input into HEC-HMS. When I attempt to do the "Map to HMS Units" I am able select the different layers for the respective options available, but when I hit okay an error message comes up saying "BasinHeader Table could not be found!" The respective length/area_HMS columns are added to the subbasin and river layers but all the values are Null.

Anyone know what is wrong? I've tried looking for the BasinHeader Table but have been unable to find it.
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Hey guys, after trying another run, i found where the problem is. You must keep the basin name e.g. Subbasin155 as the same as the basin table header name e.g. basinheader155. Which means in the process of running HEC-GeoHMS, its better not change anything that being set as default...

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