Where is XMLViewEdit.exe???

01-27-2016 07:37 AM
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I am having trouble with setting the default vector target location type on ArcHydro,specifically, I'm having problems with the step Editing the XML on the disk. I can't seem to find the file XML ViewEdit.exe. Do you know where this file might be located? I'm on page 11 of my ArcHydro Tutorial.


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Editing the XML on the disk
 Browse to the ArcHydro\bin location (Defaults to C:\Program
 Drag the file ArcHydroTools.xml onto the file XMLViewEdit.exe.
 Navigate to the node HydroConfig/ProgParams/LocationType>Vector.
 Right-click Vector and select Edit Text.
 Set the value to 0 (mdb). 1 is for gdb. Click OK. Click Save twice to keep your changes
and then close the XML Viewer.

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It is now called ESRI.APWR.ApXMLViewEdit.exe and you will find it under C:\Program Files (x86)\Esri\WaterUtils\ApFramework\Bin

Christine Dartiguenave

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Thank you very much! .

I was so upset about it! But now thanks to you I am trying it again!!!

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