GeoRAS Export process does not produce sdf files only xml.

05-16-2012 05:32 PM
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Another thread did mention my problem about 12 months ago but there was no answer so here we go again.

I am using the latest (HECGeoRas_93_040612.msi) version of Hec GeoRAS for ArcGis 9.3.1 from the esri ftp server.  Whenever I try to export to an sdf file using the "classic" method I get an xml file but no sdf file.  As far as i know the xml file is useless to try and get my data into HECRAS, I can find no converter to go to xml to sdf only the other way around.  I have reloaded framework and GeoRAS many times, restarted PC, cleared temp directories but nothing seems to work.  Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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Tim, our office has had nothing but trouble with the newer version of geo-ras(either it doesnt appear in Arc, doesnt create 3d files, cant import bank points back into arc, etc) so we still use older versions.  The best version we have found is Geo-RAS 4.1.1 for arcgis 9.1.  We use it on 9.3.1 systems with all the service packs installed so it should work for you as well.  You can get it from the archived versions section here:
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