generalize the influence of identified bridges and culverts for weighted suitability model

09-25-2020 09:35 AM
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I'm looking for a tool-set or workflow that would help me generalize the proportional "weight"/influence of bridges and culverts on stream flow. I’ve looked into editing the bridge polygons into barriers in a method concurrent with the ESRI documentation of the tool but have concluded that the process may be too inefficient for the ≈ 2,000 bridge/culvert features. I’ve derived Flow Direction using Pro’s Hydrology toolset, and would like to incorporate that to capture only the upstream influence of the bridge/culvert obstructions. Additionally, I would like the Stream Power Index (SPI) to be incorporated in the calculation of "weight"/influence. I am conducting a habitat suitability model using a weighted overlay so the measurement of influence doesn't need to be too precise. 

I have considered using the Euclidean Distance of each bridge polygon then clipping them to preserve only the upstream concentric rings, however, I haven't found a process by which I can automate clipping that would correspond with Flow Direction. I am using Arc Pro 2.3.

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