Calculate flow using ArcHydro

09-02-2020 09:08 AM
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I want to calculate the total flow of a drainage area using ArcHydro. I need the results to be in cubic feet per second.  I have went through the ArcHydro tools and made it to the FlowAccumulation but not sure what to do to get the cubic feet per second. 

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Arc Hydro will not calculate flow rates in cubic feet per second (cfs). Arc Hydro is used to help the parameters that go in to equations or models that are used to calculate the flow rate.

The tools in Arc Hydro are made to help automate the determination of the the parameters that come from watershed delineation process such as area parameter, flow path length and slope, watershed centroid, using the watershe polygons to convert raster based land values of impervious surface or infiltration rates to averages for the watersheds; thing like that.

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