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Arc Hydro Installation - Versions and Documentation

08-04-2014 07:11 AM
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Arc Hydro Documentation


Arc Hydro versions available


ArcGIS Version

Arc Hydro Version

ArcGIS Pro


9.3 - 10.8.x


You need to download the following patches:


Christine Dartiguenave

Esri Water Resources Team

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Thanks for the direct links for http URL download.  Will you be posting up similar for the HEC developmental and beta builds--GeoHMS and GeoRAS?

Should we expect change/elimination of the MFT site‌?


PS. Timothy Hales, Jim Barry, if Esri devs/product managers are going to mark things as "Official", the tag you provide them could use a little design work--an Esri branding to the icon, even different wording perhaps?

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Not sure what control we get over the tag, but I can check on it. Thanks for the feedback.

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For now we are planning on keeping both the download page and the mft site. We may post the beta builds location for HEC-GeoHMS and HEC-GeoRAS but the official releases will still be posted on HEC website.


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Hi, I have installed ArcGIS v. successfully today, but I cannot find in the link provided the Arc Hydro for this version especifically. Which of the ones listed below should I install? Thanks in advance.

Ana - /archydro/archydro/Setup/10.2.x/

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 7/21/2014  2:54 PM        <dir>
 9/30/2014  6:31 AM        <dir>
10/22/2014 12:33 PM        <dir>
 11/5/2014  8:07 AM        <dir>
12/19/2014 10:17 AM        <dir>
 1/15/2015 12:31 PM        <dir>
 1/20/2015  4:40 PM        <dir>
 1/22/2015  2:48 PM        <dir>
 8/14/2014 11:13 AM        <dir> RAPID
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Ana Simoes‌, *,

The build is the latest for the 10.2.x builds--probably best to install that.

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Now the last working build for 10.2 and 10.2.x versions is here - /archydro/archydro/Setup/10.2.x/

build, 6/2/2015

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Hello Every one,

I am installing archydro 10.2 version but when i start the installation i get app frame work error . Can any one provide guide line regarding this ..archydro.jpg

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The readme.txt inside the ArcGIS Pro folder ( ) must say:

1. Extract the zip file to the location where you want to install ArcHydroPro

2. Edit the file archydropython.pth so that the path points to the location of ArcHydro\Scripts\ArcHydro (e.g. C:\Tools\ArcHydroPro\Scripts\ArcHydro).

3. Copy the edited archydropython.pth to %ProgramFiles%\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\site-packages.

Otherwise you won't be able to run ArcHydro from ArcGIS Pro. ArcHydro uses Python from the default conda environment arcgispro-py3.

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Hi Christine - are the 10.5.x toolbox tools compatible with 10.6.x?  If not, would you have an idea as to when that build would be available?  Also, can you tell me if the build: - /archydro/archydro/Setup/Pro/ArcHydroPro2.0.10/ 

will work for 2.1.x ?



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