Barry's UC Top 10 List

07-14-2020 02:49 PM
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Top 10 things that are better watching the UC from home

10. Shoes are optional

9. Don’t have a very tall group of Swedish guys sit in the row in front of me just as the session begins

8. Easy to find someplace uncrowded to eat lunch on Monday

7. Can do five miles on a treadmill while watching the plenary session

6. A Diet Coke at home isn’t $7 and is actually cold

5. Don’t have to deal with the convention center air conditioning

4. The drive is easy, and parking is free

3. My dog can watch with me

2. Chairs at home are way more comfortable

1. No line for the bathroom


Top 10 things that are worse watching the UC from home

10. No buttons to add to my badge.

9. Can’t play the “What language is that group speaking?” game

8. Jack can’t hear us clapping when we think something is cool

7. No chance for unexpected learning when walking by something I hadn’t heard of before

6. Attention deficit disorder sitting at my desk is a challenge, and other work is distracting

5. No excuse for being late, but I was anyway

4. Don’t get to meet fascinating people from all over the world who are doing cool stuff I wish I was doing

3. My dog keeps bugging me to switch to Pro

2. It’s not San Diego

1. I miss my geo-friends!

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