time enabled vector data with minutes frequency

08-14-2019 12:50 AM
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I am trying to do a time animation of a street network based on traffic numbers. These numbers change every 15 minutes. So my data is for 6 hours having 24 observations (6 x 4) . When I enable time, only dates are detected and not the granular minutes. In my case, since the date is the same, the is no time visualization to see, the vector file remains static. So I am unable to visualize time enabled data.

I am attaching the data. I have made a subset to make it easier to look at it. I have intentionally kept the time intervals valid for just one line feature to simply the data. You will see in the data a column "times" which shows the time intervals and a column "flow". I would like that the thickness of the line changes based on the flow value that is varying on these time intervals. 

Any guidance will be appreciated

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