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syntax for the quire in Solve Vehicle Routing Problem Tool

07-06-2020 10:00 AM
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What is the syntax for quire in Solve Vehicle Routing Problem tool?

I am trying to make several routs using the Solve Vehicle Routing Problem in ArcPro. I ran the analysis but, because of it scale it took 14 hours. That run did not produce a satisfactory result. To tweak the criteria, I was going to run the analysis on only one zone. (the zones are preexisting and they want the routs to fall with in the zones.) Instead of exporting destination points in each zone, I was going to use the query under the network location to limit destination points to one zone via an attribute in the destination point feature class for the zone it is in. I could not find any reference on the syntax used for the query so I tried zone=1 (Zone is the name of the field) . Overnight , the analysis was ran again. Instead of a route for zone one only. it the script failed. the error message was:

ERROR 030213 parameter(s) are  not valid ( Feature  locator WHERE Clause").

I want to make sure the syntax in the quire is correct . please help.


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The Query for the Feature Locator Where Clause is for limiting the network edges on which the stops can be located. So to solve the problem one zone at a time you will need to break the orders feature class up by the different zones.

It sounds like you have a very big problem. Are you solving for a really large geographic area or do you have a high density of order locations (such as every house)?


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