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How to select full circuit of a fiber?

01-05-2018 09:11 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I have an idea for a webmap that I want to put together for my Traffic Engineering department. They currently are not using the esri telecom model but if this is feasible I want to try to get them in the model deep enough for it to work.

What I want to do is give them the ability to click a line, presumably FiberCable, which would populate a list of the Fiber within that they could choose from. That's the easy part. What I want is for them to choose a Fiber and then have the map highlight all the places that fiber goes. So I would, from looking at the model docs, select the FiberCable then select any SpliceClosure points or other network objects at the ends of the line segment, select related fiber in those objects using the Fiber ID number, if the fiber is in them highlight it on the map and do the process over again to any objects touching that object. Does this make sense? I feel like there has to be a better way than this chain reaction of selections but there might not be. The problem is in having a change in Fiber ID after a SpliceClosure or something. Does the ID change in this case or use one ID be used for the whole circuit that Fiber makes? I believe that ID is FIBERNUMBER in Fiber which isnt a GUID so it could be duplicated but I'm not sure if thats the best way to manage the data.

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