Where to find your T3G Certificate (2015-2019)

08-14-2019 04:22 PM
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Even though T3G is not advertised on the Esri Training site, we manually post your course attendance and Certificate of Completion there along with any other Esri training courses that you have started or completed. Follow these steps to access your Certificate of Completion for T3G 2019 (or 2015-2018).

  1. Go to www.esri.com/training.
  2. In the upper right, Sign In.
    • Sign in using an account that has in the profile, the same email address you gave us in your T3G registration form, because that is the email address that I provided to the certificate-makers.
    • For example, it might be a free public ArcGIS Online account, or your school ArcGIS Online organizational account, if it is Esri enabled. (Recall that your T3G organizational account is NOT Esri enabled, so you can't use those credentials to sign in to esri.com/training or community.esri.com, a.k.a. GeoNet.)
  3. In the upper right, black bar, choose My Academy, then go to My Learning Activity.My Academy menu
  4. T3G 2019 should be near the top of the list of courses, if the list is sorted by Recently Added. You should see a View Certificate button. View Certificate button
  5. Click View Certificate to open a PDF of your certificate. You can download or print the PDF if you would like.

What to do if T3G 2019 is not listed in My Learning Activity

  1. If you have more than one Esri enabled account that has your same email in the profile, then check the other account(s) for the certificate. Hopefully it would be in one that you have used for other Esri training.
  2. If you do not find the certificate in any of your accounts, proceed to Step 4 below.
  3. If you found your certificate in an account other than the one you use as your primary training history location, and you want us to move the T3G 2019 record to anther account, proceed to Step 4 below.
  4. To get help if you can't find your certificate or if you need to move your T3G record to a different account, Click Help tab in the upper right corner of the black bar. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the Have a Question? form. Complete the form and explain the situation in the message section. One of my colleagues will assist you.
    NOTE. In the Subject list, choose Training History and Certificates (not Technical Certification). In the message, include the official course title, Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS. For T3G 2019, include the event ID, 50151048. For previous years, include the year.


PS. This blog was originally posted in the T3G Online Institute group for T3G 2019 attendees. I've re-posted it here for longer-term reference.

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