New In Time & Place Materials - The Slave Trade: Forced Migration

03-01-2017 07:23 AM
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Good morning all -

I have just completed and posted a new set of materials on my In Time & Place site entitled The Slave Trade:  A Forced Migration.  As the title suggests the materials deal with the transatlantic slave trade as well as the migration of slaves within the United States that occurred as the country’s slave economy changed from one centered on tobacco to one focused on cotton and sugar.  The materials include GIS activities providing data related to both migrations of slaves in addition to related written and visual documents.
These materials are not prepackaged lessons.  Rather, they are largely a collection of primary documents organized around a common theme with a brief narrative linking each section.  There are a series of questions to get students started in thinking about the material and links to all sources and references. How the materials are used varies widely. I have noted uses of the site ranging from classroom experiences prepared by teachers, to inservice done in person and online by curriculum coordinators, to use in online courses,  to research use by individual students, and just plain browsing out of an interest in the subject. So use as you like and if you see things you would like added or modified please let me know.
Rick Thomas
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