Links from the Virtual Poolside Gathering

07-14-2020 05:34 AM
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From Barbaree Duke : Geographic cocktails


From Barbaree Duke : Mappy Resources - GISetc's Hub or.

From Roger Palmer : In case you don't know I now work at Pasco Scientific designing environmental hardware to put data onto maps!!!!   Here's a climate graph map I built to start inspiring my colleagues to think how we can map more data play around  with the pop ups.  Based on most recent 30 year averages. If there is a sharing issue on the resources, just email me at:   214-533-8374

From Michael Camponovo, UT Knoxville :  Bookcase Credibility Twitter feed


From Michael Camponovo, UT Knoxville :


From Heidi Ragsdale :


From Nicole Ernst : Shameless plug for GeoTech workshop: on remote sensing August 3-5


From Matt Winbigler : distance idea from last spring was signs of spring with Survey 123 -- grade 7


From Fran Harvey : Story Map Time Capsule ~ Online Teacher PD


From Stanley Mubako : Had fun sharing skills from T3G in Africa last summer:

From Rebecca Theobald : GeoCivics is looking for mappers to create a variety of Electoral District maps based on prioritizing different redistricting criteria (competitiveness, communities of interest, compactness, etc.).  Look for more information, or email Rebecca Theobald at  Check it out -


From Rebecca Theobald : If you are interested in a perspective on COVID-19 in China, check out my college classmate's blog (go back to December).  We used it in real time in my "Spaces of Political Geography" class. The students asked questions and she answered (all written - we thought about trying to connect in real time, but then we went to remote learning and that was not going to work).  Bottom line - my students were somewhat less shocked about stay-at-home orders because they had been reading these blog entries.

From Joseph Kerski : Because I know Amy is not going to mention this as she's so humble, check out this new article about Amy Work -


From Joseph Kerski : Mapping Hour -


From Joseph Kerski : If you need to georeference an image in ArcGIS Pro, here are a few videos of mine for how-to's -


From Laura Bowden : Data Science E-Learning Guide:

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How did I miss the email about this event? So sorry to miss seeing all of you! Thanks for sharing all this great work. My recent project include a StoryMap site at the University of Minnesota and a fun post I wrote for ESRI's StoryMaps team about accessibility