GEOG 355: Ethnic Geographies of the U.S.

01-15-2021 12:51 PM
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Hello! Reaching out to my T3Gers for some assistance. A colleague of mine asked me a question:

I'm contemplating some research options for my students in GEOG 355. I like giving them some options. One option that I was thinking about involved having students pick an ethnic enclave in the US and then use GIS to map out supermarkets to see if there are potential food deserts. The problem is I'm not sure if there's a layer that exists for this or how they would go about finding the data to map.
Another idea that I had involved having them map environmental hazards in an ethnic community as well. Again, I'm not sure if there are layers that show air or water pollution, or the location of (former) waste/toxic dumps.
I've responded with the following:
Please check the maps I shared with you in ArcGIS Online:

Related resource for Food Deserts & GIS:

I'm not sure if this would be helpful in relation to environmental hazards:
I will also point them to the geoinquiries, although I'm not sure any of the geoinquiries specifically address what they are hoping to do. I'm wondering if anyone else has additional resources/lessons/layers that you think would be helpful here.
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Krissy, your colleague might find useful this blog:, which deals with PolicyMaps, but beyond the 28 used in the blog, there are hundreds of others available in the set.

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