AutoCad DWG does not place on the map.

01-22-2019 10:48 AM
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I am working on a project for next generation 911. Our goal is to import school schematics into ArcGIS for the purpose of assigning addresses to the cafeteria,  swimming pool,  offices,  etc. I have obtained the AutoCAD files for every school in the County as a .dwg file. I navigate to the folder holding my CAD files  using ArcGIS Pro Catalog, I click and drag one .dwg into the Contents pane. The schematic draws  but no where near the location it is supposed to be. What can I do to place the AutoCAD .dwg where it is supposed to live??

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Hi David,

Right off the bat, this sounds like a spatial reference issue to me. Are the CAD files appearing close to where they should be or are they off the coast of Africa?

I'd try using the CAD to Geodatabase Tool (link below). This will create a geodatabase with spatial reference for the CAD Data.

If the data still doesn't line up at that point, you will probably need to georeference the data. This is a pretty straight forward workflow. Assuming all the schools in your data are off by the same amount (ie not appearing on top of each other), you may only need to do this once and then reuse the spatial reference file you create.  

CAD to Geodatabase:

CAD to Geodatabase—Conversion toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

Georeferencing Cad Data:

Georeferencing CAD data—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 



Andy Shoemaker
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