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04-13-2015 02:11 PM
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Recently upgraded to 10.2,  SDE geodatabase on SQL server still at 10.1.

This was working at some previous version.    I have 2 features (not in the same MXD) that I am trying to add unique sequential identifiers.

They are from two differenct schemas of the geodatabase.   I guess my question is "Does the individual editor need permission to write to the GenerateID table to change the SEQCOUNTER field if it's in a enterprise GDB?"   They didn't before now.

AND "I need to add the SEQINTERV field to my generateID table, so is that the reason I cannot turn the app on in the toolbar in ArcMap?"

Also, if instead you put the Dynamic Value and Generate ID tables on a share drive, do the editors need write permission to that folder?

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