Network Spatial Weights Matrix "Inverse" use of weighted values

05-11-2022 04:06 PM
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Hello, I am new to these spatial weights matrix builds so am probably missing something. I have been using the Build Network Spatial Weights Matrix tool using "Inverse" for Conceptualization of Spatial Relationships of street light poles.

I then use a GP tool to convert the matrix to a table, select for a certain sample point + it's neighbors, then join them to the point feature class to visualize the results.

I am seeing mixed results in regard to weights; it appears some neighbors are weighted, and some are not:


Weighted results, neighbors for sample point PL-313356


Weighted results, neighbors for sample point PL-300070


Non-weighted result, neighbors for sample point PL-341696


I see results like above when using the "Fixed" version of Conceptualization of Spatial Relationships... any idea why some results appear Fixed and others appear Inverse/weighted when using "Inverse"? Hope this makes sense.

Thank you!

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