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06-20-2012 10:50 PM
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Hi all,

   Whenever I try to run the Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*) tool, I find an error icon of red circle with a cross inside, on the extreme top left and next to the Input Feature Class. The circle is found as soon as the tool window opens and even before I put in anything.

If I ignore this icon, put int eh required parameters and click OK, an error window appears, just containing a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside.

  Can any one please advise how I can overcome this problem. I assume there might be some problem with the software settings, but not sure what is causing this conflict.

Best regards.
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Hover over your cursor on the red cross symbol - you'll see a brief error message as tooltip. Now, click on the error symbol - you'll get a little elaborate message along with a number. If you click on the number you'll be taken the relevant help topic.

If you get an error sign even before you interact with the tool dialog then it is a defect. Which version of ArcGIS you are using? What type (point, line or polygon) feature class you are trying to use? Are you getting expected result?

Follow same steps to get detail on the warning. Generally, you can ignore the warning - if, after reading the message, you think it can be ignored.
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Thanks for reply Nobbir.

  Hovering over to the error symbol did not provide any tip about the type of error. However, after posting the problem here, I further noticed that none of the Spatial Statistics tools was working in ArcGIS 10.

I did some more internet search and found out that such like situation may arise if the python was not properly installed. So, I separately installed python from the ArcGIS installation media and BINGO...... All the tools started working perfectly.

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12 years on and on 10.8.2 and I had the same issue.  It was as Alice mentioned above, down to Python, is specific numpy.  To sort it out these days I had to Add/Remove programs to "change" ArcGIS desktop to remove Python.  Then manually delete the Python folder, then do the change thing again to add it back on. 

Amazing that the same error remains for over 12 years - plus it doesn't appear to be in the Esri KB as I have a call in and if it were in their KB I would have thought this easy fix would have been found straight away!

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