grouping summary stats on another table

04-15-2013 05:26 AM
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hi all; novice with arc 9.3 here, bear with me...

I have shapefile1 with oodles of numbers; I want to summarize these, but, I want them grouped by 26 polygons found in shapefile2 (a different layer with 26 polygons) - essentially so that I can say polygon1 from shapefile2 has these sum/avg/etc from shapefile1, all the way to polygon26 from shapefile2 has these sum/avg/etc from shapefile 1.  all polygons from shapefile1 fall within the larger 26 polygons in shapefile2.  so, do I need to (and how would I?) make a new column in shapefile1 then populate that with something from shapefile2 to specify?  or, is there some python scripting I need to do?  I wouldn't know much about actually doing it but I'm willing to try (have pyscripter installed and running the most novice scripts)...

thanks all for any help,

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