Collapse dual lines to centreline not working...

08-26-2021 08:16 PM
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As the title suggests I am trying to collapse my road outlines to a centreline. Some roads are 15m and some are 90m, up to 130m at wide junctions. When i use the generalisation tool "collapse dual lines to centreline" this happens:

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.11.29 pm.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.11.36 pm.png

I have attached the attribute table just in case that helps.

This is my first solo GIS project so I apologise if I am missing something obvious. Thank you in advance for your help.

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I have just realised that my roads are segmented like this, which is probably why the lines are forming inside instead of between roads. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 1.50.01 pm.png

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Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline (Cartography)—ArcMap | Documentation (

Could be...

The tool is not intended to simplify multiple-lane highways with interchanges, ramps, overpasses and underpasses, or railways with multiple, merging tracks. Use the Merge Divided Roads tool instead.


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