Working with raster images in python-ArcGIS Pro: Slow processing

09-07-2020 02:57 AM
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Hello geospatial folks,
I've been working with rasters in ArcGIS Pro python IDLE (version 3.6.9) using the library arcpy. I still have problems with the  processing time or maybe there is something I am doing wrong in the code. I've identified some operations like Conditionals (Con ) or multiple arithmetical operations as the most time consuming. At certain point of the script, the running of the script just get stuck.
I tried to use other python libraries such as rasterio, however this library is not supported by ArcGIS Pro python based on what I researched. Transforming the rasters to Numpy Arrays is also equally slow (unless I am not using it correctly).
I have included other attempts by memory management, using the  "r"memory\" option, since apparently ArcGIS Pro accesses to disk for temporal files, which makes the script slower. The "r"memory\" does not create the file in disk, instead uses RAM memory. However, I am having problems when I want to bring the rasters back to add them in the Map Frame of ArcGIS Pro.
Does anyone have a better idea or experience in how to handle raster files in arcpy for Pro when multiple operations are involved?
If someone needs to check the code to help, let me know, I can share a link to it. I am using Landsat 8 images for a relatively small area in California.
Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you
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Hello Jose Ignacio

If you want to add the layer from memory to a map frame, you could run your script in the python window in Pro. Then if you decide to keep the output you could save to disk.


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