Using "Same as Display" Extent in ArcGIS Pro script?

08-02-2019 08:55 AM
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The Extent geoprocessing environment setting documentation here:

lists "Same as Display" under the dialog syntax, but not under the scripting syntax.  I am building a script tool that requires "Same as Display" to be set as a default.

Could someone share a snippet of code that demonstrates how I would set arcpy.env.extent to get the same effect as setting "Same as Display" in the dialog window?

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Hi Eric,

You should be able to use the following snippet provided the user is running the tool from within Pro and has the map view open.


aprx ="CURRENT")
mv = aprx.activeView
ext =
arcpy.env.extent = "{}, {}, {}, {}".format(ext.XMin, ext.YMin, ext.XMax, ext.YMax)

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Thanks, you rock! Cut down a process using feature services as inputs from 13 minutes to 32 seconds.

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