Using lyrx in a published Service

09-10-2021 04:10 AM
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I made an arcpy Script, that works, if it is executed locally in arcGIS pro. I am able to publish it on may arcGIS server, but then the script crashes. 

The crash happens, when a lyrx File is used to create a Layer. It crashes with this message in the log file:



Instance of the service 'testLyrx.GPServer' crashed. Please see if an error report was generated in 'C:\arcgisserver\logs\AGS1071.GISCON-GI.LOCAL\errorreports'. To send an error report to Esri, compose an e-mail to and attach the error report file.



an errorreport is not created. 

When I execute the script with an lyr-File it works.

I have attached a simple project, that crashes.



raster_symbol_layer =
arcpy.SetParameter(0, raster_symbol_layer.longName)



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I was hoping this problem might be solved in an newer version auf ArcGIS server, but in 10.8.1 the problem still exists.

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