Update mosaic dataset Footprint attribute table

05-19-2020 01:05 PM
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We have some time-series data stored in a file geodatabase, which contains 55 hours of data. We'd like to create a mosaic dataset containing rasters generated at each timestamp (each hour). Using ArcPy, I generated the 55 raster datasets, each is named sequently, for example: 0,1,2,...,54. The I created a mosaic dataset and added all the 55 raster datasets in it, followed this link.

Next, I need to add a timestamp field to the mosaic Footprint attribute table, and update the timestamp field based on a date value plus the number of hours indicated by the raster name. For example, for raster file 2, it will be

hours_toAdd = datetime.timedelta(hours=2)
timestamp=datetime.datetime(2020,5,11, 18,0,tzinfo=tzutc())+hours_toAdd

How to implement this using ArcPy?

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