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Update attribute table

02-03-2023 07:56 AM
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Dear all,

I have renamed field values with my code which is shown in the figure below. The values are stored but if I reopen my attribute table, the same old values appear. It seems that the attribute table is only updated when I restart my project in ArcGIS. This is rather inefficient so I am trying to find either a function in ArcPY that updates my rows or whether there is a refresh table button.

It seemed there was a Reload cache button but I cannot seem to find it.

I am looking forward to your replies.

Kind regards,



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Yeah, this is a problem. I ran into something similar last year.

Calculate Field not working when iterating through... - Esri Community

Does it work to just remove and add the data back in? Maybe saving a layer file so you can just drag that in to check the updates without losing your formatting.

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by Anonymous User
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Caching can be frustrating. Sometimes you have to refresh the parent folder/gdb for it bring in the changes.  If there isn't a refresh option in the right click menu, check the burger menu after clicking on the item:



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