Set Credit statement for image service in service definition using CreateImageSDDraft

11-05-2021 05:59 PM
Occasional Contributor

When I publish a draft service definition using arcpy.CreateImageSDDraft, I am able to enter text to use for the summary and the tags, but there's not a parameter for entering a credit statement.

I haven't found a way to programmatically set the credit statement for image services, and I've just been going in to the Server Manager after the service has been published and typing/pasting it in there. The other fields all pull from the parameters set in the arcpy.CreateImageSDDraft command (the Summary text gets duplicated for the Item Description by default), but the Access and Use Constraints and Credits fields have to be populated some other way. 

Any ideas on ways to populate these fields? It would be great if they could also be set in the arcpy.CreateImageSDDraft; is there any reason for those two not being included as parameters?

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