select by Location, touch Boundary option error

06-02-2021 09:23 AM
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Hello David,

Thank you for your reply, I'll try to review my explanation,


There are two layers (Feature classes)

Building (Point Feature Class)


OpenStreetMap Roads (Polylines)

I need to connect each building to the OSM road, considering the nearest feature that can be, building (Point) or OSM Road (Polyline).

I made it by  using Generate Near_Table



and then I made an algorithm to select and use only the features(not all the nearest features from the near_table)

which can extend the OSM Road till to the building by using XYtoline and data from near Table(From_X, From_Y nd Near_X, Near_Y) Lines with Cyan are lines created from the above coordinates.




(This is the same picture without the arrows)



AS you can see buildings with ids 9161and 9151 are connected to the OSM Line, but this is not a perpendicular line to this feature, but it is just a line that connects the nearest vertex of the nearest line.

In the other cases(In most of the cases) it is a perpendicular line.

In the other cases, when we have a perpendicular line, there is no vertex at the connection point.

So, this was the first problem.

The Second Problem:


We have case above, points 17 and 25 are connected with a line, which I need to delete because there is created the perpendicular line from 17 to OSM line. I made select by location with the option Boundary_Touches, to exclude all the lines that do not touch the boundary of OSM, but it selects the Line from point 17 to point 15, which has no touched boundary with The OSM lines.


Hope this is understandable,

By the way, I corrected the cases manually, but just to know if this is a bug and needs to be fixed, or there is something else ...


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I really don't understand the issue from your explanation, and I guess no-one else does.  perhaps reword it to be more understandable, or it may just be me.

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