script transfer metadata from development to production

12-16-2019 01:31 PM
New Contributor

I am wondering if anyone has made a script or has experience with creating something similar.

In our office, in the enterprise, we have two databases, a development and production. The development is designed for the creation and management and testing of data. It is not public facing and is designed to test without the fear of breaking anything. We also have a production database, this is where we hold the most up to date data and is public facing and data here needs to work through testing in the development server first. 

Because of this dual nature, often we will make data in the development and bring it up to production when its ready. However, we have a ton of data and we like to maintain metadata in both the dev and prod environments. The good news is the names of the feature classes and datasets are identical except for the dev/prod designation. Is there any method that allows for the fast export/import of multiple feature class metadata in dev into prod? In case there are changes we need to make without going one by one? Thanks!

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