Reconcile GP tool in python returning 'The item does not have a definition' in log. Not reconciling version. Help!

11-18-2021 07:25 AM
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We're reaching out to see if anyone has received the following error message in the geoprocessing log from an auto reconcile script where you receive an error message saying The item does not have a definition. after the reconcile version fails.


[11/17/2021 5:33:10 AM] Starting reconcile.
[11/17/2021 5:33:13 AM] Reconciling version SDE.CHILD with SDE.PARENT
[11/17/2021 5:33:16 AM] Warning: Error reconciling version SDE.CHILD.[
The item does not have a definition.
The item does not have a definition.]
[11/17/2021 5:33:16 AM] 1 of 1 versions finished.
[11/17/2021 5:33:16 AM] Finished reconcile.



If anyone has an idea of what this error is meaning or encountered it before, I'd appreciate it!

Working with ESRI tech support now but not coming up with anything definite.


Brett Rosso, GISP

City of Longmont 

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Could you share the code that you are using? I'm curious if the conflict_definition and conflict_resolution parameters are set?

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Hi Jeff,

Here's a screenshot. What we're trying to figure out is why exactly certain versions and the folks that are using the versions are getting this particular error. It has come up out of the blue and hasn't been an issue before but only the geoprocessing log is giving us this info that 'The item does not have a definition' 



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